On Saturday April 1, 2017, Inspire Cameroon will host a Launch Gala, at Global Conference Hall, Selinas Lane, Dagenham, London RM8 1QH. The theme of the gala is “Enterprise development opportunities for UK resident Cameroonians”. The goal is to help raise funds to establish a framework for supporting enterprise development in the UK-resident Cameroonian community.

There is widespread evidence that entrepreneurship is the antidote to ethnic minority liberation in the UK. Although there is a growing number of Cameroonian owned businesses in the UK, the Cameroon community remains significantly under-represented on ethnic minority business forums. Further, recent statistics show that unemployment amongst male Africans in the UK is at a higher rate than that amongst any other ethnic minority group, although more female Africans are in employment than female Asians. It is nonetheless feared that the unemployment situation amongst Africans may now even worsen following Brexit.

The gala will raise an awareness of the opportunities and challenges for the UK Cameroonian community to grow its enterprise or entrepreneurship base and to correspondingly absorb its growing workforce, much of which is currently unemployed.