Our vision

Stakeholders in Cameroon’s development are adequately resourced to actualize Cameroon’s transition into an emerging economy, the skills and experiences of the Cameroon Diaspora are significantly utilized in the process, and Cameroon is more of a producing than a consuming nation.


To inspire Cameroon’s transformation into an emerging economy fuelled by the use of modern technologies and the creation of innovative policies and appropriate leadership to attain the stated vision.


·       Vetting on education

·    Advocate greater involvement of African youth, especially of the diaspora, in nation building in Africa.

·   Setting up and deploying cross-sectoral partnerships with civil society organizations, industry and the State concerned with the development of Africa, both on the continent and in Europe.

·    Leverage local and international knowledge to provide actionable political insights and information on political and economic trends or evolutions on the continent.

·   Cooperate with national and diaspora companies, state and civil society organizations to implement development projects in key sectors such as science parks, water and sanitation, food security, environmental management and Health.

·      Search, start-up and maintain partnerships with European universities and African universities in the design of programs, guidance and recruitment (including but not limited to research on candidates and references) for Potential African candidates interested in studying in Europe.

·       Regular hosting of panels of experts to dialogue on the different challenges facing the Cameroon community in the UK, as well as the Cameroon nation, and to author solution-oriented policy briefs; independently lobby the UK government and also that of Cameroon to give pragmatic consideration to the relevant policy options.

·        Facilitation of community-wide active engagement in social entrepreneurial activities.