Investment and Enterprise

Investment makes it possible to produce new and improved products, whilst it is often said that “an economy is the effect for which enterprise is the cause”. The nation needs increasing measures of these activities to sustain economic development.

  • We undertake advocacy for the necessary business-friendly legal framework
  • We profile startups and package them to give them visibility with a view to attracting investment
  • We facilitate fast-track business/company registration service
  • We deliver on the job training and re-training as well as in entrepreneurship, skills and management

The following are some of our current focus areas.

Risk Assessment and Political Intelligence (Foresight)

Investing in less developed countries is very challenging: poor road infrastructure, insecurity, inadequate water/energy supply and complex bureaucratic structures. However, one of the factors stifling investments which is often neglected is risk assessment and political intelligence. Analysing risk factors for investment must take into
consideration the historical, present and future political landscape of the entire region of interest. Social crises and their potential to cause destabilization cannot be underestimated when considering investment options in Africa. 

Inspire Cameroon provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the characteristics of any Sub-Saharan African region of interest and its potential for conflict which could imperil the host nation, with consequent risks of investment loss. We also simulate the future of the nation’s political architecture, mapping of stakeholders, understanding its bureaucratic culture and politics, behaviours and strategies for engaging its politicians, simulating outcomes, building networks and coalitions among others. Inspire Cameroon’s approach to risk assessment and political intelligence provision will enable your organisation to make timely and informed investment decisions.

Managing Potential Social Contestations related to Investments and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Closely linked to the issue of risk assessment and foresight is the management of potential social contestation which may result from investments and potential issues linked to an investor’s handling of CSR. Most African nations have complex, and sometimes bricolage, legal and socio-economic and political institutions governing investments and the rights and duties of investors in relation to the local populations. This has been a source of multiple social crises in investor-community relations, irrespective of the origin of the investors (local or foreign). Inspire Cameroon prides itself as a reliable and credible broker in handling investor-community relations from get-go of an investment portfolio. In this context, we support the investor in navigating the complex spaces of CSR while the community is assured of the protection and promotion of its social interests resulting in a win-win situation for all parties.