Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
Kofi Annan

British universities have traditionally ranked high, in terms of reputation, particularly in the minds of international students and potential employers alike in their countries of origin. One likely driver has to do with the fact that English remains the language of business. Perhaps more importantly, academic rigour, a significant focus on research as well as value for money constitute compelling attractions to study in the UK. In any event, education is a flourishing global business and British universities are unsurprisingly keen to lure overseas students to the UK. But successive UK governments’ determination to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the UK is a significant disincentive for many talented overseas students with a desire to further their education in the UK. Notwithstanding, proficiency in English tends to be key to the acceptance of overseas students in a UK degree program. In practice, the entry requirements will vary for international students depending on the degree program. The process can nevertheless be a daunting experience.

Inspire Cameroon makes the admission process, into a UK higher educational institution, a seamless and reassuring process for both the student and the UK university.

UK University

·       We promote the programs offered by the UK university in reputable universities and high schools in Africa

·       We summarise in very simple terms the entry requirements for each program of interest to prospective students 

·        In partnership with the issuing institution, we vet the diplomas of each prospective student

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·    We support the prospective student through the process of meeting the study program entry requirements

·    We support the prospective student through the process of applying for a UK entry clearance in their home country

·    Once a student is issued with a UK student visa and sets out to travel, if required, we welcome them at a UK point of entry and support them with travel arrangements to the location of their chosen university. We also offer the option to arrange for suitable UK accommodation for the student before they leave their home country.

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Employers in Africa

·       We arrange internships for talented African students in the UK in their home country

·      We also broker employment opportunities for those students nearing the end of their study program in the UK.

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