Cameroon’s Development Challenges

The nation’s 2010-2020 growth and employment strategy paper (GESP) surmises:

“The country’s agricultural sector [for example] is lagging behind in terms of advanced technology and is not very productive, the industrial sector is ill-organized and not fully integrated, and the service sector seems to be developing but is dominated by purely commercial activities, which have no significant impact on added value.”

Incidentally, Inspire Cameroon (IC) was formed to inspire local solutions to such challenges, consistent with the government’s recognition of the need for “… a reconsideration of the factors of competitiveness in Cameroon’s economy and for a serious resort to new economic and institutional policy instruments to adjust the national production fabric so it can be internationally competitive.” IC’s mentorship of emerging technology start-ups (see Silicon Mountain video clip) is one noteworthy activity in this direction.

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