As any nation sets out its economic priorities and related policies, it is necessary to have timely access to industry-specific specialists / consultants and subject matter expertise.

Facilitating Decentralised Local Cooperation Partnerships or Agreements

The decentralisation of political systems in Africa is on the rise, albeit at a slow pace. In centralised political systems, the tendency is that those in power would make decisions that are not in the best interest of the people they govern. It is then only a matter of time that severe and disruptive tensions would erupt in the system. Conversely, a decentralized political system shifts power closer to those who are being governed and away from the centre.

To support the growth of local governance and development in Africa, Inspire Cameroon forges networks with local administrations in advanced economies in Europe/America/Asia and links them with city halls (municipalities) in Africa. We go beyond mere symbolic twinning activities by exploring concrete project-based avenues for partnering local governments in Africa and the global North. This involves researching in detail how external partnerships are established by the city halls and their interests, actively engaging Africa diaspora in such networks and providing consultancy support in doing due diligence (for both parties) and enabling the delivery of resources to local governments in Africa. We help initiate these partnerships and create a linchpin between communes in Africa and the ones in diaspora. Our trademark role involves building strategies and networks on how to continuously galvanise such partnerships.

EuropeAid Grants

Considered the most generous development donor, The European Union (EU) allocates hundreds of grants geared at improving local governance and poverty alleviation to developing countries and local municipalities. In many cases the local government areas in Africa are either unaware of these grants or lack the expertise to submit high quality projects that may be retained for grants. As a consultancy, Inspire Cameroon helps municipalities explore this huge funding source by partnering with African local governments to initiate, design and support the grant application writing and implementation process of sustainable development projects. Conversely, the expertise of Inspire also serves the EU and other donors in project/program evaluation.